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DCP Midstream Partners, LP is a Fortune 500 company for midstream petroleum services, headquartered in Denver, Colorado. As a publicly-traded partnership, the company does not have directors, officers, or employees of its own, but relies on its general partner for managing its operations. As of 2015, it had a total economic value of more than $6 billion and 628 employees providing support, making it one of the largest midstream petroleum services company in the United States.

An angry former employee shared his/her experience working for DCP Midstream Partners on Indeed in July 2020:

"Lots of swearing, high stress, meetings always included a part about who was fired this week and why. Terrible training. Knowingly broke environmental regulations. No money to improve gas plants. Keep things running by sheer will".


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Plant Operator (Current Employee) says

"I've never worked with so many people that couldn't qualify for a cashier's job at McDonald's. Dumb, lazy, and incompetent, really doesn't begin to accurately describe my co-workers. Several of them routinely brag about not putting on their work boots during a shift. If you value your life and apendiges... stay away. I've never seen a company that values safety less than DCPMIDSTREAM"

Invoice resolution (Former Employee) says

"Poor management, the department is in shambles, vendors are not paid when due. They have favorites. Ad department director will walk by you as if you were a nobody. Came off to me as racist. And they will try to pin you against each other. Before my contract ended I processed over 20 disconnection notices. Their priorities is not where it should be. The way I see it is karma is going to bite them. Daily meetings and they talk about the same thing over and over every day. It's very micromanage cuz they always ask are you going to be able to finish the prior day's work because that's how they work it but their system is so slow and ugly that it's impossible to do . The managers have no idea black the job entails but they sit there and push you and push you to constantly key. I am very glad it's over I would not recommend anyone going there it's a very stressful and poor management. If you don't kiss up he will not be considered a person there and you'll definitely not get hired. Even if you go in every single day never late they never take that into consideration if they don't like you for some sort of reason may be racist you will never get the job. They just did a big big change in all their employees they let go of 1,200 people so if you like contract work then go for it but I would highly advise not to work there.NoneTreat you bad."

Plant Operator (Former Employee) says

"Wasteful spending do NOT listen to employees recommendations . Managers lack knowledge and hire “buddies that are incapable of performing the tasks needed for the job.NoneIf your not a “buddy” get ready to get burned"

Measurement Technician (Former Employee) says

"If you want a career that feels like you are going nowhere and work for bosses that are totally inept this is the place for you. The company has GPS installed on all vehicles and micromanages your every move."

NGL Pipeline Tech II (Former Employee) says

"Upper management and safety are a joke, would not recommend this company to anyone even an enemy. Pay was good, more than half of the employees were lazy and got the pat on the back for doing nothing!"

Planner/Scheduler (Former Employee) says

"Mid level and High Management are garbage people personally and professionally. Very unethical non-trustworthy people. Terrible place to work. Certainly not worth the money."

Clerical (Former Employee) says

"Beware! You may have the best of intentions to support and succeed, but this management team will only set you up to fail. Management and HR simply ignore requests for feedback or if they do acknowledge the request, they simply lie to your face. They present a friendly front, but behind the scenes there is a different story brewing, which they will not share. Two-faced. They simply lead you on and you never know what's being discussed behind your back. This HR department (or lack thereof) is the worst I have ever encountered. Management may want to cut you based on the salary that HR negotiated with you. They think that everyone but themselves are overpaid and want to cut back on salaries so they will come in under budget and get bigger bonuses. You will probably work in excess of 40 hours per week, but they will not pay you for it. Very low morale, distrust and high turnover. Tread lightly. Definitely a "short-term" employment solution, but don't stop interviewing for a better position with an ethical company.Free parkingSelf-serving management and disposable employee mentality"

Field Employee (Current Employee) says

"Company has lost ALL of its "Family" style ran business. When i first got hired, the company employees were friendly, kind, and we actually did stuff as a team. This culture now has become a cut-throat company and everyone is out for brownie points. DCP Runs on the "Buddy system" or "its not what you know, but who you know. Management has become a total joke, constant lies! I dont remember when we were told the truth on a particular issue. DCP is all about the money, and not the employees. I even heard upper management tell an employee that NEEDED and requested an H2S monitor, that "money is tight right now, Danger is the Nature of our Business!" Who runs a company like that???? Just be very cautious when applying, the Grass is not greener on this side.Prision style work groupManagement, everything"

Field operator (Current Employee) says

"Was probably the worst company that I ever worked for. Pay and benefits were fair. Training was non existent and the weeks of on call were out of control. Would get 40-60 hrs overtime a week. Very dangerous conditions."

flunky (Former Employee) says

"I think an non-response would speak volumes but this venue won't allow such a response. For an organization that elicits loyalty from their employees, it is very disloyal to the employees. Don't quit a decent job to go to work for them."

Fields OP II (Former Employee) says

"They put you in positions where you can not succeed . They are so understaffed you have to do job of 3 people and you can't get it done. They tell you to do a job then pull you off to do something else."

Contractor (Former Employee) says

"Would have given higher marks if a regular employee, but cannot recommend for contract / contingent workers. Treat contractors like non-entities. Poor training. Some supervisors and managers poorly trained, rarely engage with contract workers. Managers share employees' confidential and personal information with their direct reports. High, high turnover among contract workers leads to a state of continuous disarray and mistakes in work product. Large office, no place for anyone, including regular employees, to eat lunch. Overcrowded, cramped and noisy "mini-cubicles," lots of distractions. Company provides only bottled water, always running out. Only the fast-trackers matter."

Operator (Former Employee) says

"Missing pay, harassed with racist symbols, went through 3 managers in 2 years. Managers and operators working without concern to safety, I was involved in 3 near misses due to supervisor ignoring safety. Did my 2 years and left but I'm still alive, work there at your own risk!!Hourly rateMissing pay, disregard of safety and EPA regs, poor management, incompetent HR department, good ole boys club that will harass those not in their group"

Environmental Engineer (Former Employee) says

"Zero chance for advancement, poor, highly political supervisors, overly bent on PC, poor reliability, huge environmental footprint and environmental impact for which they have very little regard for.Good payPoor supervisors, little regard for environment."

Senior Manager, Turnaround Center of Excellence (Current Employee) says

"learned the gas processing business. Applying best practices in an industry that is behind most chemical and refining companies. Lots of travel to out of the way places.Interesting workaverage benefits"

Project Management (Current Employee) says

"Absolutely rudderless. No direction, no expectations, no communication...which doesn't mean no meetings, it means no useful content. There is a real lack of professionalism. No direction is provided other than to say, the rock needs to be a different color. Management gets rid of people that ask hard questions. They don't want to change or improve anything. It is no wonder this place has tremendous turnover. It is inefficient, unprofessional and they don't pay very well.Free sodapoor pay, poor leadership"

Project Manager/Business Analyst (Former Employee) says

"I was just laid off at the Denver headquarters along with about 350 other full-time employees. The leadership has been lying to us during the first weeks of the Covid-19 crisis saying we are in a good financial position to weather the crisis. Some of us had to make life-altering decisions during this time, because....life happens. Well, last Monday, all that changed when out of nowhere hundreds of us were laid off. It's a bitter sweet situation because we all need a paycheck, but this place has been a toxic culture for a long time."

Engineering Manager (Former Employee) says

"Management utilizes Performance Improvement Plans to remove personnel that identifies poor management decisions and non-essential project costs. Engineers are expected to create, design, develop and install equipment requested by management that has no engineering experience/degree. When failure occurs and is identified - that individual is remove.Management not on sitePoor Management and Management Direction"

AR Senior Accounting Assistant (Former Employee) says

"The company, mainly management, protect each other in whatever way necessary which involves turning a blind eye to serious issues like job harassment (which is prevalent in this organization). The company encourages "Bad Behavior from Controllers", but this is just another way to say that they encourage wrong doing. If you have morals and integrity it is very hard to turn a blind eye to the blatant disrespect of others, especially by people in positions of power. Upper management clearly supports their conduct, and although this is not uncommon, DCP Midstream likes to have them silence employees who is in fear of losing their job.Benefits"

Field Operator 2 (Current Employee) says

"Great place to work Like my job It is a great place to work You learn a lot in the field it's a great job to learn about the gas lines Natural Gasgoodnone"

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